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Easter Book and Bunny Giveaway

Easter is right around the corner! National Geogrphic Kids Books has some great titles to add to your easter baskets, and a chance to win a pack of 4 books and a bunny for your family!

SomeBunny Loves Me

For ages 4-8, this cute book has sweet and silly poems about various pets kids could have, focusing on ways to play with a treat their pets kindly. With beautiful ( and adorable) pictures, this is great for the pet-lover in your family. Plus there are music videos to go along with them online!

Who’s Who in the Bible

Easter is a time to remember Jesus sacrifice for us to have eternal life and forgiveness, and to teach your kids to have a passion for digging into the Bible and learning more about the characters. This book is for ages 8+ and is full of tons of Bible characters’ information and roles in the Bible. It also had some pages outlining history around and throughout the Bible. This is a great resource as kids get old enough to learn deeper information about the characters and history of the Bible!

A Seed is the Start

My favorite book of the four, this is a beautiful book about various seeds and how they travel and grow. For ages 6-9, this is a great start on learning how plants grow and spread. The pictures are gorgeous and the facts are a fun way to learn!

100 Ways to Make the World Better

This little fat book is for ages 8-12 but I think everyone could use it! It is full of 100+ suggestions to improve the world around you! From simple things like picking up trash and having a good attitude, to bigger things like giving money to hungry families or teaching others in your community, there are great suggestions for everyone. The colors are fun, and many of the ideas are accompanied by expert input and true facts to help know why that idea can change the world. LOVE IT!

Win the Package!

Win all four books plus the cute white bunny for your family! Leave a comment about your Easter traditions and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. Then complete other options for more entries. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received books to review for the post. Opinions are 100% my own.

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