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Enter the Black Sails Watch Win Sweepstakes on Starz! The Black Sails has returned for its final season. And with it, a contest that blows all others out of the water. After you watch each bloodthirsty episode of this swashbuckling pirate show, you have the chance to grab your share of the gold (Gold Doubloon’s if you ask my son who watches to much Jake and the Neverland pirates on Disney!). Now that’s an offer no true pirate could refuse.
To get your share of the loot, you don’t need to run anyone through with a blade. Just come back to IGN after each Sunday’s episode of Black Sails and answer the trivia questions based on the episode.  If you get them right, you’ll be entered to win some serious swag, including a solid gold bar. This is a amazing TV sweepstakes, that could change your luck this year! Each week amazing prizes, like gold doulbloons ( $3,000), playstations, a vacation and the grand prize of a slid gold bar ($4,000).

Black Sails Watch Win Sweepstakes Starz

  • End date April 8th, 2017
  • Weekly entry
  • Official Rules
  • 1 entry per person per week

Entry Period #7 answers to trivia question:

  1. Anne is reassured she’ll have plenty of time to… Murder Max another day
  2. The Governor accuses Mrs. Hudson of… Persuading Eleanor to betray him

Entry Period #8:

Entry Period #9:

Entry Period #10:

Black Sails Watch Win Sweepstakes Starz

Black Sails Watch  Win Sweepstakes Starz

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