Right This Minute Giveaway 2016

Enter the Right This Minute Giveaway 2016 and you could win an iPad mini! From April 25th through May 25th, Right This Minute is giving away one mini every weekday. Get your name in the hat and win big! You can enter each drawing once via Facebook and once via Twitter, for a total of up to two entries each day. Enter today for your chance win an iPad mini! Nothings beats a some free tech goodies and great tech sweepstakes from Right This Minute is the perfect way to make your week all the better! This Right this Minute Sweepstakes is Pretty much always running, which really just makes me like them more. I love watching this show, and have been a big fan since the very beginning, aka before they became prime time! The Co-hosts have a great chemistry that just works on screen and the clips they shows are just the best around. Saves me the time and effort to find the funniest, weirdest and wildest stuff around! Watch the show daily for the buzzwords! Check out the RTM Faebook page for more!

RightThisMinute Daily Buzzwords All Right here:

  • April 25: HANDCUFF
  • April 26: DIRECTOR
  • April 27: SOLDIER
  • April 28: WINGMAN
  • April 29: OUTLAW
  • May 2: AGENT
  • May 3: FRIEND
  • May 4: ENEMY
  • May 5: LIBERTY
  • May 6: MARVEL
  • May 9: UNITED
  • May 10: NATION
  • May 11: SCARLET
  • May 12: IRON
  • May 13: PATRIOT
  • May 16: CIVIL
  • May 17: THRONE
  • May 18: VENOM
  • May 19: PANTHER
  • May 20:
  • May 23:
  • May 24:
  • May 25:

Right This Minute Giveaway 2016

  • Win an iPad mini
  • Daily Entries
  • End date May 25th, 2016
  • Enter via Facebook and Twitter

Right This Minute Giveaway 2016

Right This Minute Giveaway

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